Buying or selling a house involves you in a complicated contract.  Buyers agree to pay large amounts of money, and should make sure that there is language in the contract to protect them from having to "perform the contract" (close on the deal) if they cannot find suitable financing or if the house does not pass a detailed inspection.  Sellers agree to deliver expensive pieces of real estate, and the law requires them to disclose all known defects in the property. 

In buying or selling a house, you do not have to hire a lawyer or a real estate broker.  It is legal and possible for you to either buy or sell real estate on your own without professional assistance.  However, if you have even the slightest concern about the complexities of a real estate transaction we suggest that you consult a real estate broker or a lawyer, to make sure that your interests are protected and that you do not commit yourself to a bad deal.  We have considerable experience in advising home buyers and sellers. 

Call us -- preferably before you sign anything -- if you want legal advice.  You can choose whether you hire us simply for advice on the agreement to purchase, or whether you would like us to represent and advise you through the whole transaction, including the closing.


You should not rely on anything you read this webpage or on any other webpage maintained by Briggs Law Office as being legal advice. If you want legal advice, contact us for a  consultation. If after that you agree to hire us, you and we will sign a contract to define what we will do to represent or counsel you and what fee arrangement there will be between you and Briggs Law Office. Until a contract is signed we are not your lawyers.  We'd like to hear from you, but we can't represent you until we know that doing so won't create a conflict of interest.  Accordingly, don't send us email that includes information that is secret, confidential or privileged until you've spoken to one of our lawyers and you've received authorization to send such information.  The internet is not necessarily a secure environmeng and it's possible your email might be intercepted and read by someone who shouldn't see it.   

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